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Vista Health Plan - Physicians Search
   Please click on the link below to launch the Physician Search Form. If you have any questions, please refer to the explanations provided after the link.

  1. Plans - this option lets you choose Physicians that work with specific Health Plans.
  2. Product - this option lets you choose what type of Vista's product you want the Physician to work with.
  3. Region - please select the region your location is in (used to narrow the number of options in the filter number 4 - County).
  4. County - please select your location.
  5. Zip Code - please select the zip code of your location and, if you desire so, select the number of miles in "Within # Miles" to look for Physicians in 360 degrees radio of your Zip Code.
  6. Provider Type - please select the type of Provider you are looking for.
  7. Specialty Type - what is the Physician specialization you are looking for?
  8. Provider Last Name and/or First Name - please input the first and/or last name of the Provider you are looking for and, if necessary, match it with "Provider Name Match Method" selecting the degree of proximity you want from your input.

Note: It is important to notice that all those filters are optional, but your search cannot bring more than 250 results, what make those filters important to match the result set you want.

More Options :
Dental Benefits

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Vision Benefits

  Please click on the link above to read more about the Vision Benefits of the Vista Health Plan.